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Some notes about digital downlad (PDD)  licenses:

©    Permanent digital downloads, limited downloads, interactive streaming, and ringtones all require digital licenses.   Each format is different in its permissions and methods for obtaining its license.

©    A PDD (permanent digital download) license is required for audio only permanent digital downloads (ex. iTunes, Amazon, etc…).   The download reproduction is permanent and may be retained and played by the recipient.   The rates for PDD are the same as mechanical licensing for physical audio recordings.

©    Limited downloads and Interactive streaming (or on-demand streams) licenses are available (in most cases) for a minimum of 100 streams and no more than 10,000 streams.  These licenses generally are valid for one year.

©    Ringtones are portions of recorded audio that are used on mobile phones, pagers, and other portable communication devices.  Pre-recorded ringtones that use an existing sound recording require a Master Use license.   

©    Obtaining Digital licenses can be difficult, time consuming, and often disappointing.  Timing is critical.