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Some notes about master use licenses:

©    A "master use license" is the permission to use an existing audio recording in a new recorded product.   Examples:  a copyrighted song used in a visual work as background music for a movie or television commercial, or using a pre-recorded commercial instrumental track (typically produced to accompany singers) on your own audio recording.  

©    “Sampling” a portion of a copyrighted work, regardless of the length of the work used, requires a Master Use license.

©    Pre-recorded commercial "tracks" to accompany singers are available in most music stores. They are sold for the purpose of public performance…and are NOT intended to be used for recording purposes. Therefore, if a recording artist or producer wishes to use pre-recorded commercial tracks, fees must be paid for the use of those tracks IN ADDITION to the "store-cost" of the tracks and mechanical fees for the song(s).

©    When using an existing recording on your own audio project (for CDs and digital downloads), both Master Use and Mechanical licenses are required.

©    When using an existing recording in a visual format (DVD, TV show,  movie), both Master Use and Synchronization licenses are required.

©  Obtaining Master Use licenses can be difficult, time consuming, and often disappointing.  Timing is critical.