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Some notes about mechanical licenses:

©    Mechanical licenses allow any person to obtain a license to make and distribute an audio recording of any song once that song has been recorded and distributed to the public in the United States under the authority of the copyright owner. NOTE: The purpose for making an audio recording must be to distribute them to the public for private use.  Additionally, Section 115 of the US Copyright Act provides that the arrangement “shall not change a basic melody or fundamental character of the work, and shall not be subject to protection as a derivative work…except with the express consent of the copyright owner.”

©  Mechanical licenses are required for any copyrighted work used in a medley, and each work is licensed individually.

©    Mechanical licenses require that a "notice of intention" be served on the copyright owner "before or within thirty days" and "before distributing" such audio recordings.

©    Mechanical licenses require that a fee (called a statutory fee, or a mechanical license fee) be paid to the copyright owner for every audio recording made and distributed.  Go to our Pricing page for more information.