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©    The current compulsory mechanical license statutory rate for physical recordings and permanent digital downloads is 9.1 cents per song recorded if the song is five minutes or less in length, or 1.75 cents per minute for each recorded song that is longer than five minutes.  Ring tones are 24 cents per tone.

©    Mechanical License processing fees from the copyright owner, publisher, or license administrator may also accompany the mechanical license request.  These fees are added to the statutory rates due to the copyright owner.

©    CopyClear will complete all the research and filing requests of your mechanical licenses and handle all the correspondence with the publishers for a one-time fee of $139.95 for up to ten songs on a single audio CD project, in addition to the statutory rates and processing fees listed above. (Extra songs may be included for $5.00 each.)

©    License requests for synchronization, limited downloads, interactive streaming, and pre-recorded commercial tracks, are all handled on a case-by-case basis.  Obtaining permissions for these licenses can be difficult, time consuming, and often disappointing.  Please contact CopyClear for more information.