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CopyClear …

©  Assists in obtaining mechanical licenses for recording artists, producers, recording studios, and CD manufacturing facilities involved in recording copyrighted music.

©    Assists in obtaining synchronization licenses for anyone wishing to record a video using copyrighted music.

©       Assists clients with research and information regarding copyright questions.

©      Offers clients suggestions about planning and completing recording projects.

©  Alerts clients to "red-flag" cautions that require special attention in the recording process.

©    Links clients with reliable and reasonably priced recording studios and with CD manufacturing facilities.

©    Makes it easy for clients to begin the process. Simply fill out our Project Form!

CopyClear also offers assistance...

©  To clients who plan to record with pre-recorded commercial tracks. NOTE: The use of commercially recorded tracks requires negotiated licenses (known as Master Use). Pre-recorded tracks may not be used under mechanical license permissions. Obtaining permissions to use pre-recorded commercial tracks can be difficult, time consuming, and often disappointing. Contact CopyClear for additional information.