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Some notes about synchronization licenses:

©    A synchronization license allows the license holder to "sync" music to some kind of visual media output (DVD, TV show, movie, advertisement).   In other words, producing a “music video” of a song (usually called a “cover song”) requires the permission granted in a sync license.  Often, sync licenses are used for TV shows and movies, but any kind of visual paired with sound requires a sync license.   Any portion of a copyrighted work, regardless of length, must have a sync license.   Copyrighted works used in a medley must obtain synchronization licenses individually.

©    A synchronization license is also required if you acquire a Master Use license to use an already existing recording of a song in a video or TV show.

©    Additionally, a mechanical license may be required along with the sync license (and Master Use license, where applicable) when using any copyrighted work in a video or TV show.

©  Obtaining synchronization licenses can be difficult, time consuming, and often disappointing.  Timing is critical.